Port Restructuring


UNCTAD - United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

Prior to the preparation of the Port Reform Toolkit by the World Bank, UNCTAD had issued guidelines on the privatisation of port facilities in September 1998 (document Ref UNCTAD/SDTE/TIB/1)Guidelines for Port Authorities and Governments on the privatisation of port facilities

World Bank

The Port Reform Toolkit(2nd Edition) is aimed to provide policymakers and practitioners with effective decision support in undertaking sustainable and well-considered reforms of public institutions that provide, direct, and regulate port services in developing countries.
With the support of the PPIAF (Public Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility) and the World Bank, PMAESA organised in January 2002 a regional workshop in Mauritius on the dissemination of the Port Reform Toolkit. The presentations made on the various modules of the Toolkit are also available below:

TitleExternal LinksPDF (external)
Module 1: Framework for port reformLink
Module 2: The Evolution of Ports in a Competitive WorldLink
Module 3: Alternative Port Management Structures and Ownership ModelsLink
Module 4: Legal Tools for Port ReformLink
Module 5: Financial Implications of Port ReformLink
Module 6: Port Regulation: Overseeing the Economic Public Interest in PortsLink
Module 7: Labor Reform and Related Social IssuesLink
Module 8: Implementing Port ReformLink