The Secretary General

Col. Andre Didace Ciseau is the Secretary General for the Port Management Association of Eastern & Southern Africa (PMAESA) and is also the immediate former Executive Secretary for the Pan African Association for Port Cooperation (PAPC). He was appointed Secretary General in 2018.

Col. Ciseau brings with him extensive experience in the maritime and ports sector arising from his tenure as Chief Executive Officer of Seychelles Ports Authority (SPA) from 2004 to 2018.

One of his tasks as CEO of the Port Authority included working closely with the Blue Economy Department established by the Government of Seychelles in 2015 with a view to coordinate, consolidate and prioritize national initiatives geared towards harnessing opportunities and resources from the oceans in a sustainable manner.

Col. Ciseau is also a former PMAESA Board Member and at one time chaired the PMAESA Communications Committee. Prior to working at SPA, he served in the Seychelles People’s Defense Force (SPDF) and was tasked to lead in the development of the Seychelles Coast Guard which complemented maritime security deployment around the Indian Ocean waters off the Seychelles archipelago.