Maputo Port Development Company


Maputo Port Development Company (Port Maputo) is a national private company, which results from the partnership between the Mozambican Railway Company (Caminhos de Ferro de Moçambique), Grindrod and DP World.

On 15 April 2003 Port Maputo was given the concession of Maputo’s Port for a period of 15 years, with an extension option of another 15. In June 2010, the concession period was extended for another 15 years, with an option of an additional ten years of operations after 2033.

Port Maputo holds the rights to finance, rehabilitate, construct, operate, manage, maintain, develop and optimize the entire concession area. The company also holds the powers of a Port Authority, being responsible for maritime operations, piloting towing (tugboats), stevedoring, terminal and warehouse operations, as well as port’s planning development.

The Port Authority (PA) Division of MPDC assumes custody of the Landlord function of the port. Therefore there is a strong focus on the Regulatory and Legislative areas of Port Maputo. Port authority is also responsible for the maintenance and development of Port Infrastructure. This includes quays, roads, warehouses and channel areas.

The very important functions of Health, Safety, Environment & Security also fall under Port Authority. The Marine Department falls under PA, so all Shipping movements, Pilotage & Towage are part of MPDC Port Authority functions.

Chief Executive Officer

Mr Osorio Lucas

Total Cargo Throughput

2012: 14,961,940 Tons

Total Container Traffic

2012: 101,231 TEUs

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Marine Operations

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ISPS Information

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