Ministry of Works and Transport of the Republic of Uganda


The Ministry of Works and Transport (MoWT) of the Republic of Uganda is a Government institution mandated to:

  • Plan, develop and maintain an economic, efficient and effective transport infrastructure;
  • Plan, develop and maintain economic, efficient and effective transport services by road, rail, water, air and pipeline;
  • Manage Public works including government structures and;
  • Promote good standards in the construction industry

The Ministry gets its funding from Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development in the consolidated fund. It also gets funds from donors.

The MoWT exists to formulate policies, plans, set standards, build capacity carry out advocacy, regulate, monitor and evaluate the Works and Transport Sector. The Ministry also provides policy and strategic guidance to parastatal bodies under its supervision namely, Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA)Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and Uganda Railways Corporation (URC). With regards to The Uganda Road Fund (URF) the MoWT provides political and operational oversight in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development.

The Works and Transport sector in Uganda is a cluster of priority sectors of the economy comprising public building works, road, railway, water and air transport.

The Ministry is currently headed by Hon. Monica Azuba Ntege


To provide reliable and safe works, transport infrastructure and services.


To promote adequate, safe and well maintained Works and Transport Infrastructure and Services for Social Economic Development of Uganda.

Key Functions

  • Initiate, formulate and develop National Policies, Plans and Programmes for safe and efficient Public Transport Infrastructure and Services.
  • Monitor and Evaluate the Implementation of National Policies, Plans and Programmes for safe and efficient Works, Public Transport Physical Infrastructure and Services.
  • Initiate new and review existing Laws and Regulations on Works and Transport Infrastructure and Services.
  • Set standards for the construction industry, transport infrastructure and services.
  • Enforce compliance to national policies, laws regulations and guidelines on works transport ways infrastructure and services.
  • Host a maritime department to handle all maritime affairs including Flag State and Port State Control to ensure safe, secure and environmentally friendly Inland Water bodies
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of the performance of Transport Agencies.
  • Inspect and license Public Transport Vehicles (PSVs).
  • Provide technical support for contract works, including construction and maintenance undertaken by other Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs).
  • Initiate and formulate plans and policies for management of public buildings.
  • Set and monitor national standards on public buildings.
  • Carry out research and develop local materials and technology for construction industry.


Off Jinja Road/ Old Port Bell Rd,
P.O. Box 7174,
Kampala, Uganda

General Phone: +256 414 320 135 / 414 321 364
Minister: +256 414 235 730
Minister of State(Works): +256 414 349 487
Minister of State(Transport): +256 414 320 026
Permanent Secretary: +256 414 259 139
Fax: +256 414 236 369