Benefits of Membership

PMAESA is an association of port authorities, maritime authorities and government line ministries in Eastern and Southern Africa. This also includes coastal and Indian Ocean Islands port authorities and inland ports in landlocked countries. The benefits of being a PMAESA member are wide and implicit in the Association’s Vision.

The prime objective for the creation of the Association is to promote exchange of best practise ideas, experience and information between members, in the port, transport and trade arenas with the rest of the world.

The Association also aims to promote in the region efficiency of ports operations, competitiveness, safety, security and protection of environment. The Association also seek to establish and maintain relations with regional, international, industry-related organisations for the development of maritime activities.

The benefits of being a PMAESA member are direct and indirect, and accrue onto members at regional (association level) and individual levels. PMAESA offers the platform to know how the dynamics in maritime, for instance, port reforms, are changing regionally and internally.

The Association has an outreach strategy, in which members are represented in relevant organizations involved in shaping the global policy, patterns, and enacting new requirements in maritime trade.

PMAESA members through the Secretariat are represented in regional Economic commissions such as East African Community (EAC), Southern African Development Community (SADC) and Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA), UN specialized bodies and commissions such as International Maritime Organization (IMO) and United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) and global maritime associations like International Association of Ports & Harbours (IAPH).

Information gathered from such organizations is analysed and disseminated to members, indicating the needed actions. The Association through the Secretariat make follow-up with the members to assist them respond to the new global demands and trends.

The Association is also viewed like a club in which members expand networks. It is linked with similar organizations in West Africa (PMWACA) and North Africa (UAPNA). At the apex is the Pan-African Association of Ports Cooperation (PAPC), which brings together the three Associations.

During the year, the Associations organize mid-term workshops and end year international conferences, which are attended by key senior personnel from transport, trade and investment sectors. Members get the opportunity to expand their links regionally and internationally from key partners in Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, North and South America.

Links are also expanded in other key areas like finance, investment, insurance, equipment supplies, information technology, management, training, research, dredging, environment and security.

PMAESA members also benefit from access of information on market analysis, corridor reports, and performances in the region.

The Association has established itself as a centre of excellence by collecting, analysing and disseminating relevant port and maritime information to its members. Such information is considered valuable in helping members make their decisions on investment, marketing and improvement of performance.

Members have access to a wide range of studies and position papers prepared by the Secretariat and collection of other information from other sources.

Information is easily accessible via the PMAESA website and upon requests.

Direct benefits to members are manifested through projects planned or executed by the Association.