PMAESA Port Harbour Masters Network


Following a recommendation by the PMAESA Board Meeting in Port Sudan, 2016 the Annual Council meeting of PMAESA endorsed the decision to set up a Network of PMAESA Port Harbour Masters Network (PPHMN). The network of Port Harbour Masters includes the Chief Harbour Masters and Port Facility Security Officers (PFSO) from PMAESA ports as members.

The Network aims to provide a platform for Harbour Masters of PMAESA ports to cooperate, exchange knowledge and share information on best practices in efficient marine operations, maritime traffic facilitation, and the safety and security of navigation within port waters. The network will also cooperate with state agencies both nationally and regionally in areas of common interest to suppress any unlawful acts against maritime transportation.


The PPHMN aims to provide a forum where Ports Harbour master’s communicate and provide advice where required to the Port Operations, Marine Protection, Safety and Security Board, PMAESA Committee and Port Authorities relating to:

  • Dealing with statutory compliance for Port Authority related activities
  • Compliance with international maritime regulations
  • Comply with all the gazetted Harbour Regulations
  • Operational alignment to best practices
  • Exchange information related to Marine Pollution regulations
  • Sharing of best practices on pilotage services
  • Assist in ensuring compliance with relevant local ports acts/ legislation/policies.

Key Developments

November 2017 – The inaugural session of the PPHMN is held in Livingstone, Zambia to agree on the draft Terms of Reference for the PPHMN.