PAPC Organs

The PAPC Organs consists of:

  • The Council
  • The Board of Directors
  • The Executive Secretariat
  • The Committee of African Port Experts
  • All other committees and working groups that the Council can create in accordance with the provisions of this present Constitution.

Hosting and Membership

The Association is run on a rotational basis by the President and Secretary General of each of the three sub-regional Associations, for instance, with the election of Messrs ANIELE and GAUZE, PMAWCA took the first turn in the series of rotation.

The Headquarters of the PAPC would be located in the host country of the Headquarters of the sub-regional Association that assumes the Executive Secretariat, which in the example mentioned above is Nigeria at this stage of the rotation

Members of the PAPC are exclusively the three sub-regional Associations (and not directly their respective individual port organizations). The budget is funded by contributions from the three Associations.