COVID-19: Message from the Secretary General

Dear Esteemed Members, Stakeholders and Development Partners

As I write this, the world we live in is very different from what it was just a few months ago. And it is my sincere belief that many of you that you feel the same. As leaders, we are making multifaceted decisions on a daily basis to keep our workforces and communities safe, whilst at the same time moving our organizations onward.

PMAESA expresses its empathy and solidarity with the societies affected by COVID-19. Amid the pandemic, we find ourselves in worrying scenarios, with thousands of communities affected by the spread of the disease. However, we have the opportunity to act in the best of ways

We play our part as an Association in supporting you. To this end we reiterate our commitment to serving the membership and development partners and we will move forward in the most productive and swift way possible.

Now more than ever, we will navigate this unprecedented situation together. We welcome you to share with the PMAESA Secretariat additional ways we can support you. And most importantly, we wish good health for you, your families, and your communities.

Sincere regards,

Col. Andre Didace Ciseau
Secretary General
PMAESA Secretariat