New General Manager for Sea Ports Corporation

The Sea Ports Corporation (SPC), a PMAESA Board Member, has announced that a new General Manager has been appointed to oversee the state agency.

Dr. Abdelhafiez Salih Ali has been appointed the new General Manager of SPC.

Dr. Salih Ali replaces Dr. Jalal Eldin Shelia who has been appointed the Undersecretary of Ministry of Transport, Roads and Bridges of the Republic of the Sudan. Before his appointment Dr. Salih Ali was the General Manager of the Sudan Customs Authority (SCA).

Dr Salih Ali is well known for his work at the SCA in Sudan and abroad especially for his huge experience in ICT development.

In a message to the PMAESA Membership on behalf of the Chairman, Board and Committee Members, the PMAESA Secretary General, Ms. Nozipho Mdawe, commended the new GM on his position and expressed gratitude to Dr. Shelia for his support.

Ms Nozipho said: “PMAESA expresses its profound gratitude to Dr. Shelia for his unwavering support through the Sea Ports Corporation (SPC) to the Association at the Board and Committee level and wishes him well in his future endeavors. We look forward to continued cooperation with SPC.