PMAESA Holds First In-person Board Meeting in Durban

The PMAESA Board meeting, convened by the Secretariat in Durban on 27 September 2022 to guide the direction of the Association in the face of unprecedented global events such as COVID-19 pandemic, trade wars and  gradual shift in port management models.

This Board Meeting  provided an opportunity for members and observers to participate in an interactive session to exchange ideas on the role of the Association in the near future.

Mr Pepi Silinga, the Chief Executive of Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) and current chairperson of the PMAESA Board reiterated his support to the Association  and lauded the work of the Secretariat in the face of global challenges.

Other Board Members at the Meeting included Mr Sonny Payet, Chief Executive Officer, Seychelles Ports Authority (SPA) and 1st Vice-Chairperson and Mr. Kavin Harry, Executive: Finance at Namibian Ports Authority (NAMPORT).

Observers at the Board included Ms Kristina Abudo de Klerk, Business Development Manager, Porto de Maputo as well as senior representatives from the Angolan Ports Association (APANG), including APANG President and Luanda Port CEO,  Mr. Alberto Antonio Bengue and APANG Executive Secretary Mr. Kakutalwa Garcia.

The PMAESA Secretariat presented its report to the Board since the last meeting held in December 2019.

The meeting, a statutory event in the PMAESA Calendar of Events, served to raise awareness on challenges faced by the Secretariat and appealed to members to make better contributions to the work of the Association for the benefit of regional port development.