PMAESA Secretary General Calls for Enhanced Collaboration in the Horn of Africa Region

Left to right: Mr Saeed Hassan Abdullahi - GM of Somaliland Ports Authority, Col. Andre Ciseau - PMAESA Secretary General, Mr. Aboubaker Omar Hadi - Chairman of Djibouti Ports & Freezone Authority (DPFZA) and Mr Roba Megersa - CEO of The Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Service Enterprise (ESLSE)

The PMAESA Secretary General, Col. Andre Ciseau, called upon the Ports and Maritime Stakeholders in the Horn of Africa (HOA) region, to strengthen their collaborative efforts in order to boost and diversify the region’s economic output.

Speaking on the sidelines of the Intermodal Africa 2021 held from 3 – 5 August in Djibouti, Col. Ciseau extolled the progress made in the country concerning development of the Port infrastructure. The Secretary General further added that, all stakeholders from the port operator to the corridor management institution should work in concert, to ensure Djibouti strengthens its position as the established transhipment hub on the Red Sea area.

Speaking on the regional port developments, Col. Ciseau stated that, “Ports in the region aspiring to reach The 1 Million TEU Port Status, supported by port expansion projects, are positioning Africa for Economic Take-off. This is similar to east Asia’s post-war development.”

Col. Ciseau also called on policy-makers to focus their efforts on enhancing capacity of soft infrastructure i.e. harmonization of policies, human resource capacity development, with a focus on gender equality and investment in ICT infrastructure.

During his visit, Col. Ciseau met with His Excellency Mr. Abdoulkader Kamil Mohamed, (Prime Minister of the Republic of Djibouti), Mr. Aboubaker Omar Hadi (Chairman, Djibouti Ports & Freezone Authority (DPFZA)), Mr Roba Megersa (CEO-The Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Service Enterprise (ESLSE)), Mr Yaya Yedan (CEO-Djibouti Shipping Company) and Mr Saeed Hassan Abdullahi (General Manager of Somaliland Ports Authority)

Speaking with respective shipping lines principals during a brief round-table discussion chaired by Mr Yedan, the Secretary General pointed out that, despite the respective National Governments’ best efforts to improve trade, the high prevalence of feedering vessels by global shipping lines hindered the region’s competitiveness.

On the other hand, Col. Ciseau also met with Mr. Andrew Kanime, CEO of the Namibian Ports Authority (NAMPORT) and Mr Edward Kamau, General Manager Corporate Services at Kenya Ports Authority (KPA), which both of the institutions are Members of the Board of PMAESA.

The 24th Intermodal Africa 2021 held in Djibouti after 2 years, featured world-class transportation and logistics thought leaders, addressing vital issues and challenges facing global and regional trade and investment against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This event was attended by government officials, industrial professionals financial institutions, port directors, logistics, shippers, shipping lines, terminal operating companies, railway operators, port equipment and services suppliers from countries throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa.

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